INGENIUM works in the field of structural engineering researching continuously evolved and refined construction techniques that involve both the use of traditional materials such as concrete, steel, wood and stone, and of unconventional materials such as composites, polymers, membranes and sheet, glass, special steels, metal alloys, natural fibers, etc..

INGENIUM, in this field of engineering, has sophisticated systems for both static and dynamic, linear and non- structural analyses and also simulators of the behavior of structures in any load condition.

INGENIUM, with the skills and tools available, performs the following analyzes:

-   static

-   fatigue sizing

-   dynamic modal

-   dynamic steady

-   dynamic transient

-   dynamic random input

-   contacts

-   non-linear systems


Construction hotel – Hotel, Restaurant

by Gbd ZT GmbH

Industrial construction and directional – Settlement productive

by Gbd ZT GmbH

Industrial construction – “Master Legno” Gluelam production centre

Industrial and directional construction – Productive and technological pole

by Ingenium s.c.a.r.l.