Road Engineering

INGENIUM works as a technical consultant in the field of road infrastructures, thanks to the expertise of its staff and to the operational experience gained over the years. INGENIUM sets itself as an expert of road engineering along all the life cycle of the project, from the feasibility studies to the construction. INGENIUM is able to coordinate and manage multidisciplinary projects at all stages, taking into account also any possible solution that could minimize the connected environmental impact. INGENIUM is always looking for innovative engineering solutions, covering all matters related to the construction of roads, geotechnical engineering, transport and traffic planning and road safety. INGENIUM provides all kinds of services related to construction management, which could be either technical, financial or dealing with administrative coordination. In particular, Ingenium guarantees supervision and control of the execution of road works. INGENIUM is also able to provide consultancy services in transport engineering, covering  planning, management, coordination, technical and administrative assistance and the same applies in railway projects.

INGENIUM offers its expertise in road and railway works in the following fields:

-       engineering design

-       environmental impact study

-       study of environmental mitigation

-       project management and supervision, costs evaluation and control

-       coordination and planning of the activities both during design phase and construction

-       environmental management

-       technical and administrative assistance

-       structure monitoring


Construction of road underpass and parking in the town of Cimego

by Eng Group S.r.l.

Completion works at Villabassa bypass

by Ingegneri Patscheider & Partner S.r.l.

Mobile bridge over the river “Boate” in the town of Rapallo

by Ingegneri Patscheider & Partner S.r.l.