Hydraulic and environmental engineering

In the field of hydraulic engineering, INGENIUM deals with the design, construction and operation of structures related to the use of water resources, both for civil and industrial applications. In particular, it performs analyses and designs of hydraulic structures (aqueducts, sewers, etc..), plumbings (hydropower, irrigation, artificial snow, etc..) and protection and drainage works. In this field, INGENIUM carries out studies on hydrodynamics, hydraulic engineering and environmental engineering through the analysis of theoretical models, the development of models and numerical codes and also laboratory experimentation. INGENIUM also carries out monitoring activities of the construction of hydraulic structures.

INGENIUM in this sector performs following activities:

Water resources planning and management

-   Quantitative and qualitative assessment of surface and groundwater

-   Plans for the protection of water resources

-   Quantitative and qualitative hydrological modeling (hydroinformatics)

-   Flood control forecasting

-   Boundaries of flood plains and risk analysis

Integrated management of river basins

-   Soil protection and risk prevention

-   Arrangement of rivers and mountain basins

-   Bioengineering

-   Stabilization of landslides and slopes

-   Transport installations hydraulics

-   Sedimentation in lakes and reservoirs

Design of hydraulic structures

-   Aqueducts: hydraulic analysis, supply and distribution works, reservoirs, lifting equipment, intake structures, wells

-   Sewers: precipitation processing, collection networks, lifting equipment, spillways, tubs, crossovers, dissipation works

-   Irrigation systems: hydraulic analysis, irrigation networks, localized irrigation networks (drip irrigation), reservoirs, tanks, wells, lifting equipment

-   Snowmaking equipment: tanks (underground tanks, open basins), pumping stations, water and electricity supply network, electrical plug points, remote monitoring systems and data management

-   Hydraulic engineering in transport infrastructure: precipitation processing, works for the collection and removal of water from roads and bridges, crossings, analysis of the hydraulic problems related to the design of bridges

River Engineering

-   Reservoirs and water courses representation

-   Precipitation processing and flood discharge measurement

-   Streams accommodation:  shaft and banks lodging, chute channels, deposit squares, bridles and thresholds

-   Flood control tanks




Adaptation of irrigation plant in Corces

by Ingegneri Patscheider & Partner S.r.l.


Realization of the “Goldknopf” reservoir

by Ingegneri Patscheider & Partner S.r.l.


Defense works from the calamity of the town of Daone

by Eng Group S.r.l.


Snowmaking system of Barzio cable cars

by Ingegneri Patscheider & Partner S.r.l.

Realization of rainwater irrigation plant “Landa di Malles Bassa”

by Ingegneri Patscheider & Partner S.r.l.


Renewal and upgrading of rainwater irrigation plant in Silandro

by Ingegneri Patscheider & Partner S.r.l.


Construction of a reservoir for snowmaking system of Rosa Khutor

by Ingegneri Patscheider & Partner S.r.l.

Hydraulic arrangement of the right bank of the river Isarco in Bolzano

by Ingegneri Patscheider & Partner S.r.l.


Urgent debris flows in Daone

by Eng Group S.r.l.


Works to protect the town of Storo

by Eng Group S.r.l.