Architecture and urban requalification

INGENIUM, in the field of construction engineering, conducts technical and management activities during the planning, design and building both of new constructions and enhancement of existing buildings of public or private clients. INGENIUM extends its assistance to the entire project cycle: from the identification of the potential for intervention and/or analysis of the needs and orientation of the client, up to the delivery to the user. INGENIUM, for the development of its activities, can count on qualified professional skills of both technical origin, related to the disciplines of urban planning, architecture and civil engineering, and managerial, oriented on planning and control of the project also in complex multidisciplinary settings. INGENIUM also involves more specialized and/or complementary professions to its own, recruited in a network of individuals, professionals and organizations with which it cooperates systematically. The result is a team of professionals of design, of integrated services between society and territory. Ingenium's activities are directed to meet the demand for consulting, technical support, decision support, process design and control at runtime in the areas of residential, industrial, office and commercial, social and health care and hospital care, accommodation, school and sports constructions.

INGENIUM is responsible for all phases of the project:

Ideation/ Design:

-   surveys, measurements and analysis of the problems
-   identification of alternatives and operational guidelines
-   pre-feasibility studies
-   analysis of costs/benefits of alternative solutions
-   verification of urban compatibility


-   preliminary, definitive and executive designs
-   documentation and assistance for financing practices
-   specifications and technical specifications, pricelist, metric calculations and estimations
-   documentation for requests for quotations and tenders
-   preparation of security plans

Construction Management:

-   technical and administrative direction
-   measurement, accounting, assistance and supervision of works
-   testing and winding of works
-   security coordination at runtime

Project management:

-   technical assistance to the supervisor
-   completeness check and adequacy of the papers
-   assistance to the contracting authority for obtaining permits, authorizations and approvals
-   support during the tender phase in order to find contractors and suppliers
-   administrative and technical advice
-   evaluation, monitoring and supervision of projects and programs
-   assistance to start-up and management of works and installations


Urban regeneration – Viale Dante and Piazza Battisti of Tione di Trento

by Eng Group S.r.l.


Rural housing – Recovery of a rural building

by Eng Group S.r.l.

Industrial construction – Extension of Pedavena factory

by Eng Group S.r.l.

Office construction – Cooperative Bank Bassa Vallagarina

by Eng Group S.r.l. - Arch. Michele Bertagnolli

Rural housing – farm holiday building in Pieve di Bono

by Eng Group S.r.l.


Social housing – Youth Centre Valle di Ledro

by Eng Group S.r.l.


Social housing – Youth Centre in Pieve di Bono

by Eng Group S.r.l.


Social housing – Parish Centre Cavedine

by Eng Group S.r.l.


Religious construction- Church S. Antonio Abate in Bivedo

by Eng Group S.r.l.

Industrial construction – Production site of Cipriani Profilati S.rl

by Eng Group S.r.l.

Industrial construction – “L’Officina Snc” Truck repair centre

Social housing – Youth Hostel in Castel Condino

by Eng Group S.r.l.